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  Okay I am really confused. I want to have sex but I don't want to ask my mom for the pills. What do I do? And when is the only time you can get pregnant? When you have your period? Or when you don't?

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Dear Really Confused,

The fact that you want to protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy is super! As well, birth control pills can offer excellent protection from unplanned pregnancy.

The question about how to obtain birth control pills without your Momís (or Dadís) help would be inappropriate for us to help you with. You know your Mom better than we do. Would you be able to share your feelings with her without her going crazy? Is there a chance you might be pleasantly surprised? While depending on your age and the area you live in, you may be able to obtain birth control pills without parental consent (without Mom or Dad finding out or giving permission), you should consider giving your Mom a chance.

As far as when you are able to become pregnant, the answer is ALWAYS! A female can ovulate at any time; even though a female is more likely to ovulate (release an egg and become pregnant if she has unprotected sex) during certain times of the month, it is possible to become pregnant at any time. Soooooo, rather than play Russian Roulette and take a chance you can spend the rest of your life paying for, contraception like birth control pills or condoms should be used EACH AND EVERY TIME a couple engages in intercourse. And in case you or someone you know was wondering, the pull-out method is very risky and not a form of contraception.

Also, in addition to pregnancy, you may want to consider the risks involved in becoming infected with a sexually transmitted infection. Birth control pills are excellent at preventing against pregnancy, but do nothing to protect against sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are still the leader in contraception to protect against sexually transmitted infections for people who are sexually active.

Protect yourself now to prevent problems later, is our motto. Congratulations to you for knowing enough to protect yourself against unplanned pregnancy!
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