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  I have a regular period and my boyfriend and I had sex the day before my period ended (like day 5), and he did not use a condom and he ejaculated inside of me. He masturbated 2 hours before and afterwards, but a lot of sperm came out of my vagina. He said he didn't shoot a lot because of the masturbation. I get my period every 27-30 days, should I worry about being pregnant. What can I do 5 days later so that I won't be pregnant?

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Dear Cheryl,

ANY time unprotected intercourse takes place, an unplanned pregnancy can take place. Taking chances with your future with an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection like HIV isn't worth an orgasm - yours or his - but only you can make that decision for yourself.

We suggest that you take a pregnancy test in two weeks.

If you have been worrying about the possibility of pregnancy, you may have thrown off your menstrual cycle (worry and stress can do that!). However, based on what you describe, a pregnancy is possible, as well as a sexually transmitted infection.

As far as what "how much" semen came out doesn't matter at all. It only takes ONE sperm to cause a pregnancy.

In the future, we suggest that you protect you and your partner's future by using a reliable form of contraception.

Also, in this past case, you could have used Emergency Contraception by visiting a health clinic within two days after having the unprotected intercourse.

We hope everything works out well for you.
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