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  I'm really scared.......3 days ago... I was in a hot tub with my ex boyfriend (then boyfriend) and we started to make out and stuff. I was sitting on him, facing him. One thing lead to another and suddenly I felt his dick inside me. He told me to relax and just enjoy. After about 30 seconds or a minute I got off and left because I didn't feel comfortable with it. He didn't cum or anything but he didnít have a condom on and I am not on the pill or anything. I just ended my period two days before then. I didn't think much of it until that night when I came to this site and read the past questions about the exchange of body fluids and stuff. Is there a chance I may be pregnant? Also, do you have any tips for sex under water? And also, if there is a chance I can be pregnant, is there any signs I can look for other than a skipped period because if I am I would like to know before 28 days since I just ended one. During these past 3 days, ever since this incident, I have been feeling sick to my stomach... is this a sign of pregnancy???? Please write back! I am so worried! My friends say I have nothing to worry about, but I can't sleep at night! Thank you so much!!!!!!

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Dear LL,

Yes, it is possible you could become pregnant.
Yes, it is possible you could have become infected with a sexually transmitted disease.
Yes, it was good that you stopped what was happening because you didn't feel comfortable.

Even though he may/may not have "cum," pre-lubricating fluid comes out of the penis long before he ejaculates. This pre-lubricating fluid can contain sperm and, if he is infected with any kind of sexually transmitted disease, the bacteria/virus can be transmitted as well.
And regardless of where vaginal intercourse takes place, in a bed, in the water, in a tree, etc. without reliable contraception, an unplanned pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infection can occur.

The good news is that based on what you described, there is less likelihood that you will become pregnant (if you just had your period, you may not have ovulated (released an egg) yet)-although it is still possible.

As far as signs and symptoms of pregnancy, a few include: missed period, frequent urination, feeling tired, food cravings, swollen breasts or none of the above. The only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test in about six weeks if you don't have your menstrual period. We should also forewarn you that quite often, when a female is very worried, the stress will cause her to skip her menstrual period - SO, what this means is that just because your period doesn't come next month, doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant-it could be due to all of the stress you're feeling. (And the upset stomach you're feeling is most likely from your stress - the signs of pregnancy don't show up that quickly.)

The other good news is that you can use this experience as a lesson. The only one looking out for your health and future is YOU. Make sure that in the future, whether you think you will be engaging in intercourse or not, be sure you have and/or using a reliable form of contraception.

As far as the possibility of a sexually transmitted infection during this encounter, we suggest waiting a few weeks and visiting a clinic or your physician for an STD check-up. It is harmless and will give you peace of mind.

Also, as we have mentioned before, if you have access to a copy of the book the Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality, it covers everything you asked about here, as well as contraception, STDs, how to say know to sex, how to get out of uncomfortable situations and more. You may want to check it out.

Hope this helps!

PS. We hope you can relax and feel better soon!
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