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  I just got off my period a few days ago and I had sex last night with my boyfriend. My boyfriend pulled-out and ejaculated outside, near my vagina. Am I likely to get pregnant that way even though I just got off my period about 2 to 3 days ago?

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Dear Buttercup,

Anytime unprotected vaginal intercourse takes place, pregnancy is possible. A female can ovulate (release an egg) any time during her menstrual cycle, however, females are most likely to ovulate about 7-10 days after their period. A male's sperm can survive inside her reproductive tract up to five days. If you use a calendar and chart this out, you will see that a pregnancy if very possible.

As well, before a male ejaculates, he releases pre-ejaculation (pre-cum) that he doesn't feel coming out (nor will you!) This fluid contains sperm, and thus a pregnancy is possible - which is why the "pull-out" method is NOT effective. As well, this fluid can also infect you with sexually transmitted infections.

Rather than become a statistic and have to deal with problems you may regret, we suggest using a condom EACH and EVERY time you engage in intercourse (vaginal, anal, oral). There is no one looking out for you except you - it is up to you to protect yourself.
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