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  Can sperm enter the vagina if we're both wearing underwear? - Even if we were really close and my underwear was wet on the outside after?

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If you are asking if it is possible for sperm to enter into the vagina even if the both of you are wearing underwear, well, the bottom line is this: If his fluid (semen or pre-semen) that contains sperm gets onto and into the opening of your vagina, then it is possible for pregnancy to occur. However, if you are asking if this is likely, then no, it is not likely you can become pregnant from the situation you have described.

The wetness you felt on the outside of your underwear could have been either his fluid (semen and/or pre-semen)soaking through his underwear onto yours, or, also very likely, the moisture that was on your underwear came from you. When the female (you) are aroused/excited, the vagina produces a lubricating fluid - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. This is normal and healthy. This is most likely what you felt.

We would suggest that you begin to look for contraception for yourself and your partner just in case in the future you do decide to have sex. Think of this as insurance. You may not need it, but just in case you do, you're covered!

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