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  I have a quick question. My girlfriend and I dry humped in a bath tub the other night. So there was water present. She is concerned that the sperm could have swam up into her. She said her bottoms were on loosely and my shorts we on completely. I thought it would be the same case as dry humping anywhere else. The water was semi-warm so I thought it would damage the sperm too. We never had intercourse, this was just a dry hump, but in the tub.

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Dear Scott,

Tell your girlfriend that if the situation is as you described, the two of you don't need to worry about an unplanned pregnancy - THIS TIME, but the two of you should discuss where the two of you are now regarding sex (vaginal, oral, anal) and where you might be going in the future. If the two of you feel that intercourse may be a part of your relationship in the future, you should discuss this topic as well as how to protect both of your futures from an unplanned pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infection.
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