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  The other night I stayed at my boyfriends. We found ourselves doing many things...except having sex. He “came” twice after oral sex. I swallowed, and some got onto the blankets, while I was naked. Is it possible that I'm pregnant, because I know sperm swims. Plus, when we went to sleep he was naked, and so was I. Could him being near me cause a higher risk? What should I do?

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Dear Marcella,

No, based on what you described, you do not need to worry about a pregnancy - this time. We would suggest that you be prepared for the next time (if there is a possibility of a next time) by having some condoms close by, just in case.

We would also suggest that if the two of you will be engaging in oral intercourse, that you use non-lubricated condoms or visit a clinic for a few sexually transmitted infection tests.

And no, lying next to each other naked will not cause a pregnancy. If pre-lubricating fluid (pre-cum) or semen (cum) enter into your vagina, like during vaginal sex, THEN a pregnancy can occur.
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