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  What is the percentage of getting pregnant if Iím not on birth control and my boyfriend used a condom during sex? It hasnít broken and Iím sure he put it on right....just wondering. Iím getting birth control pills in about a week because I told my mom we were having sex and she is going to get me them. What is the %??

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Dear Am,

According to the latest version of Contraceptive Technology, 85 out of 100 who do not use any form of birth control/contraception will become pregnant within a year.

A couple who uses a male condom perfectly, each and every time they have intercourse, will enjoy 97% effectiveness, or in other words, there is only a 3% chance a pregnancy will occur.

We should also mention that for couples who don't use a male condom correctly, there is a 14% chance of pregnancy (effectiveness drops to 86%).

Condoms used each and every time a couple engages in intercourse offers excellent protection against unplanned pregnancy and almost all sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

If your Mom will be helping you obtain birth control pills, you should know that birth control pills are about 99% effective at preventing an unplanned pregnancy when used correctly. However, they offer absolutely no protection against STIs.

We suggest that even though you will be using birth control pills that you also continue to use condoms for added protection against STIs. As well, an STI check-up for your boyfriend and yourself would give you greater peace of mind.

And one final suggestion: Give your Mom a big hug and kiss for caring enough about you to protect your health and future by getting you birth control pills.

One final congratulations to you and your boyfriend for being responsible!

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