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  I want to be as safe as possible when I decide to have sex. I am planning on using condoms of course and I am also on the birth control pill (ortho tri-cyclen) But I just read that the medication I am on for my acne(Minocycline) may decrease the effectiveness of the pill. Am I still safe enough? Can you suggest anything for me to be safer?

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Dear Annie,

The fact that you are aware of the potential problems of an unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is super. The fact that you recognize that you may one day become sexually active and are interested in protecting yourself and reducing the risk of any potential problems is outstanding!

As you probably already know, abstinence (not engaging in intercourse) is the only sure way not to become pregnant or become infected with a sexually transmitted disease. However, when you decide to become sexually active, the condom and birth control pill are both excellent contraceptives and used together, greatly reduce any chance of an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection.

As far as any type of drug interaction, we suggest that you bring this issue up with your physician or wherever you were prescribed the birth control pills.

It sounds as although you are currently abstinent, you want to be as prepared as possible if/when you do become sexually active. Gathering information from credible sources is a great first step and we congratulate you for your responsible actions!
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