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  Okay...well I had sex with my boyfriend and like 2 days after that I got my period and this month Iím late. Thereís no possibility that Iím pregnant right?

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Dear Cherie,

ANYTIME unprotected vaginal intercourse takes place, a pregnancy can happen. While a pregnancy is not as likely to occur when unprotected vaginal intercourse takes place during a female's period, it is still possible and does happen. Young women often have irregular menstrual cycles and can ovulate during different times during their cycle. The other bit of potentially bad news is that a person can become infected with a sexually transmitted infection also, ANYTIME unprotected intercourse takes place.

The piece of possible good news here is that because of your age, it is quite possible your cycle is irregular and you have missed your period because of this irregularity, or because you are worried (about the possibility of being pregnant or other things) which can cause your period to be late. The problem with this is that you wont know whether you are pregnant for sure for a few weeks. We would suggest taking a pregnancy test. If the results show you are not pregnant, we would suggest that you use this experience as a learning lesson. ALWAYS use contraception each and every time you engage in intercourse.

We would also suggest a visit to a clinic to make sure neither one of you are infected with a sexually transmitted infection.
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