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  When is the best time to have sex and not get pregnant?? How many days after my period?

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Dear Best Time,

The best time to have sex and not get pregnant is when you and your partner are using contraception. Any other time, you can become pregnant.

As far as your period and pregnancy, about fourteen days after a female’s period begins, is about when she releases an ovum (egg) and is most likely to become pregnant – in text books. The problem is that humans are not text books. Females, especially young females, can be very irregular – which means that they can ovulate (release an egg) at just about any time – and become pregnant at any time. So even while a female is having her period, or just after, or just before, or any time in between, she can release an egg and become pregnant if she has unprotected sex.

As well, a sexually transmitted infection can be given to you at any time during the month, if a condom is not used.

So to protect yourself and your partner from an unplanned pregnancy, ALWAYS use contraception. (See the section on Youth Embassy about contraception).
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