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  We both had sex and we are both virgins. I was unprotected if i pulled out before I came can she get pregnant by any chance?

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Dear Unprotected,

YES! Anytime, anyone engages in unprotected (no condom or other form of contraception) vaginal intercourse, the female (and YOU are responsible) can become pregnant! Also, even though someone might say she/he is a “virgin,” doesn’t necessarily mean she/he is telling the truth. You should always assume that a person might be infected with a sexually transmitted infection and doesn’t know about it and USE A CONDOM – ALWAYS.

The pull-out method is very risky because when a male gets an erection (hard-on) he then usually sends out a tiny bit of fluid (without even feeling it) from his penis that can contain sperm. So even though he pulls-out before he ejaculates (comes) he has already placed this fluid that contains sperm into her vagina. Many couples who simply don’t know any better or who think that it can’t happen to them, become pregnant this way each year.

We hope you don’t become another statistic and use a reliable form of contraception from now on – always.
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