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  Me and my boyfriend were fooling around and we didn't quite have sex because we realized we had no protection with us. He said that he didn't ejaculate (at the most only a little bit) and so I'm wondering if there is any chance that I could get pregnant? I was also wondering if it was true that sperm dies as soon as it is released and is outside the body?

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Dear Nicole,

A pregnancy can occur anytime sperm enter into the vagina.

The male releases something called pre-lubricating fluid long before he ejaculates semen. This pre-lubricating fluid can contain sperm and cause pregnancy. Also "a little bit" of semen can also cause a pregnancy.

It is super that you are concerned about not wanting to become pregnant just yet or becoming infected with an STI. We suggest that you get more information about reliable contraception and be prepared even if there is the slightest chance you will be engaging in intercourse.

Also, semen that has come in contact with air, if it finds it's way into the vagina, can still cause a pregnancy to occur.
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