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  Hi there! My concern is kind of long, so ill try to be brief. I just wanted to know if you think I have any reason to worry. Because Iím at the point of being terrified right now. I though that I might have gotten myself pregnant! I didnít have sex with the guy, but I had reason to suspect that he ejaculated near my genital area.(Iím still a virgin) I was panicking, so I went to get a pregnancy test 12 days after it happened...it was negative. I was still worrying so I waited to see if my period came -it came, but it was very light and I read that you can get light periods and still be pregnant. So I went to get another urine test about 4 weeks after the incident which would be about 2 and a half weeks after my 1st test... it was negative! But I was still worrying. Next month I got my period again, and it was fairly normal. I had to go to hospital because I have ovarian cysts. The doctor took blood tests and said everything was fine. Then I had to go for an ultrasound. I was so scared. I thought they may have found something because the doctor was asking me if I was sexually active, and I did have a pregnancy test. She worried me when she said that. But she didnít say that she saw anything on the ultrasound. Anyway right now Iíve noticed that my stomach is bigger. I donít know whether it was always like that and I just jumped to conclusions because I was worried. But itís bigger. Tomorrow I have to go for another Ultrasound because my cysts are acting up and I just wanted to know if you think Iím pregnant. Do you think that everything is fine? Should I worry myself anymore? Or is it all over? PLEASE HELP ME! IíM SO SCARED! (sorry its so long and complicated)

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Dear Kayla,

Try to RELAX! At this point, if the pregnancy tests are negative, then you have nothing to worry about. Also, the ultrasounds would have picked something up. If everything is as you describe then YOU'RE NOT PREGNANT! Feel better?

It's good that you are visiting your gynecologist and are having your cysts monitored. As your doctor probably told you, cysts are common and can often be managed very well.
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