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  My boyfriend and I are Very sexually active. His and I have been checked for any health problems and we are both clean of any STD's but I am afraid that I will get pregnant because he doesnít ever use a condom. He doesnít ejaculate inside of me though. He hasnít gotten around to taking me to Get birth control yet, and hasnít gotten condoms. He says I wont get pregnant, but Iím still skeptical. Do you think I will get pregnant? (another thing) is that we do this almost every day that these over - and thatís 5 days a week. Can you give me some advice?

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Dear Jasmine,

It's good to hear that you have both been checked for STIs and HIV! But to answer your question, if you are not using a reliable form of contraception, each and every time you engage in vaginal intercourse, there is the chance of a pregnancy. What you describe as far as not using contraception, but engaging in vaginal intercourse (whether he ejaculates inside your vagina or not doesn't matter - his pre-lubricating fluid can contain sperm and cause a pregnancy!) is exactly what married couples do when they WANT to have a baby - as well as what about 900,000 teens do each year when they have "unplanned" pregnancies. In other words, you're playing Russian Roulette, and statistically, your number may be up!

Since your boyfriend "hasn't gotten around to taking you to get birth control," try to find out when he will be able to get around to taking you for a pregnancy test!
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