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  Well my boyfriend wanted to have sex and I was nervous. He was only in for a second because it hurt and I was bleeding. The next day he did it again but it was like one second longer and I told him to stop. He said he wasnít even like close to cumming at all. We are/were both virgins and I know it for a fact. It was 2 days after my period stopped..(this was three days ago). now today I feel kind of sick to my stomach. My period is usually 26 days from the last day of the pervious period... I know there is a chance of pregnancy. But I would like your personal opinion on my situation and I know how risky this was and I know this isnít going to happed again. I think I am just worrying myself sick. Maybe I deserve it... but please tell me what you think. It seriously was like REALLY REALLY quick it was under 20 seconds. I know there was still risk, but I was stupid.

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Dear Worried,

ANY time unprotected intercourse takes place, an unplanned pregnancy can occur - whether it is one second or one-thousand seconds. As you already seem to know, you both took a risk, and the possibility exists. If in the next four weeks your menstrual period does not develop, then you may want to have a pregnancy test performed.

The good news though, is that VERY frequently, when a female is worried (like you are!) that the stress from the worry will cause her menstrual flow to be late or missed. This may very well be your case.

We're happy to here that you will not be taking this risk again in the future, especially when there are so many excellent ways to protect yourself and your partner.
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