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  HELP ME! When my girlfriend and myself were getting ready to have sex something went wrong. All of our clothes were off and we were in the mood. I was on top of her and I was going to put on my condom. I was not in already but during this I "slipped" in. I was not for long but only a few seconds. We both noticed it at the same time. I didn't ejaculate because I was dry when I came out. Although I did not ejaculate we are still worried. Terrified is more like it. We have been faithful to each other and it has been almost three months. We are not ready for a child. If she is pregnant I am willing to pay for an abortion. I need some serious advice. PLEASE HELP!

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Dear MC,

"Slipped in," eh? Anytime pre-lubricating fluid or semen enters into the vagina, a pregnancy is possible.

Your options include visiting a clinic for something called "Emergency Contraception," or if more than 3 days have passed since the "slip" then you will need to wait to take a pregnancy test if her menstrual period does not arrive.

We wish you better luck in preventing future "slips."
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