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  I was wondering... in April I had my period and I took my birth control (Alesse 28) like I should. I also had protected sex with a condom. Well, I didn't start my new pack of birth control after my period because I wanted to get off of it. Well, it's May and my period hasn't started yet, but I took an EPT test just to make sure and it came up negative. Do you think the reason my period hasn't started on schedule is because I didn't keep taking the pill?

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Dear Jane,

If you did not engage in vaginal intercourse since you stopped taking the BC pill OR you used a condom if you had engaged in vaginal intercourse, the the answer to your question is YES, that the most likely reason your menstrual period hasn't arrived is because of the disrupted hormone levels. The BC pill does an excellent job of regulating the menstrual cycle.

If you will not be starting the BC pill again for a while, we suggest that you choose a reliable form of contraception (like a condom) to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and STI infection. As well, if your menstrual period still has not appeared in the next 3-4 weeks, we suggest another pregnancy test just to be sure.
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