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  A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had anal intercourse and the condom broke. He had not ejaculated. We went to the drugstore and bought spermicide and used it. Could I be pregnant?

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Dear Danni,

There is no risk of pregnancy from anal intercourse. There is also no risk of pregnancy with oral intercourse. A pregnancy can occur only through vaginal intercourse.

As far a anal intercourse goes, a spermicidal gel, as you probably discovered, can be very helpful. However, a condom is important in ANY type of intercourse to protect against sexually transmitted infections, so keep up the good work.

Another piece of information is that if there is not enough lubrication/moisture (during vaginal intercourse and especially during anal intercourse) a condom may break. By applying a lubricant (KY Gel or Astroglide or a spermicidal gel from the drugstore/pharmacy) to the outside of the condom will help keep the condom from breaking.
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