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  My boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex for a month now. He has not come in me and he does not have an STD. I realize the "pre-cum" situation, but my boyfriend has a low sperm count, one of his testicles does not produce sperm. Could you please give me a chance factor of if it is a high possibility I could get pregnant? Iím scared and stressed out and I need a little bit of reassurance even though I know we are doing something un-safely. Thanks.

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Dear Katie,

We hope that you spoke with his doctor about his "low sperm count" and negative STD results, and are not just taking his word for it. But anyway, based on what you describe, YES, there is a high likelihood that you can become pregnant (whether there are 400 million sperm or 200 million sperm, it only takes ONE for a pregnancy to occur).

We would suggest that you take more responsibility and control of your life and sexuality by protecting yourself from unplanned pregnancy and STDs. But then again, your choice.
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