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  I know that when you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant at any time. However, is it true that right after you get your period (a day or two) is the time when you are almost infertile?

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Dear Jessica,

In a textbook description of how the menstrual cycle works, yes, the first few days after a female has her period she is less likely to ovulate. HOWEVER, the human body, the female in this case, is not a textbook and often works very differently than what is "supposed" to happen.

Yes, typically, a female is less likely to ovulate after her period, but:
1) It is possible and does happen;
2) It is very difficult to know for sure when the female is ovulating;
3) Why take a chance?

If you know someone who is looking to play those odds, try to assure her/him that many people try to play that game each year and end up pregnant or with a sexually transmitted infection.

Irresponsibility has it's price.

We hope we've answered your question.
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