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  Ummm.... me and my girlfriend just had sex and I wasn't wearing any condom, but I didn't cum in her... and also when I first poke my penis in her, it didnít even last a minute cause she stopped me, cause we're not having any protection. Is there any chance that she will get pregnant? She had just finished her period in two weeks.... and I'm thinking of giving her birth control... would it do any thing now after two weeks that we had sex and when is the exact time for us to get a pregnancy test?

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Dear Yul,

Yes, there is the possibility she can become pregnant. Although you did not ejaculate, you did release pre-lubricating fluid (which you did not feel) and that fluid can contain sperm which can cause pregnancy.

Yes, we highly recommend a reliable form of birth control/contraception that protects against unplanned pregnancy and STIs.

As far as a pregnancy test, if she does not have her menstrual period when she is supposed to, then you should use a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks later.

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