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  My boyfriend and I had sex. We did use a condom. After having sex for awhile he took it out from me, but he was still wearing the condom and he wanted to continue, so we used the same condom, and when he came we found out that the condom was torn. He told me that he took his penis out of me when he came but hes not 100% sure about it. Im worried. Has the sperm got into me or not? What shall I do?

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Dear Chocmocha,

First: If this happened within the last two days, you can use something called emergency contraception. Visit a Planned Parenthood or your local clinic to get this. Emergency contraception will prevent you from becoming pregnant.

Second: Wait for your period. If your period does not arrive on schedule, wait two weeks and take a pregnancy test.

Third: In the future, always make sure that you have more condoms than you will need. A condom can only be used once, otherwise, as you discovered, it will break.
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