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  What time of the month is a woman most fertile and less fertile?

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Dear Lilgurl,

The textbook response is 14 days after the first day of a female's menstrual period begins, is the day she ovulates and is most fertile. That would mean that because the male sperm can survive in the uterus/fallopian tubes for 3 days, days 11-17 after the first day the menstrual period begins are the most fertile.

The problem is that females are not text books and that especially teen females, have very irregular cycles. What this means is that ANYTIME a couple engages in unprotected intercourse, a pregnancy is possible! Also, anytime a couple engages in intercourse with a condom, STIs are possible.

Prevention of problems saves a lot of headaches and a lifetime of regrets. It's always your choice - your responsibility - no one else's, to make sure you are protected.

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