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  It's a long story. Well Thanksgiving day of 2001 I had unprotected sex, but was unaware that a condom was not used. About 10 minutes later we stopped and when he took it out sperm ejected out his private part, but not a lot I would say 2 drips. My friends went through this problem and to make sure that they were not pregnant or to get rid of the egg they drunk vinegar and bleach. Now for them everything is fine. So I tried what they told me on Sunday, but I did not drink a lot I gulped it down and drunk some juice afterwards everything was fine. Come Tuesday, I used the restroom and it seems like the egg came out. (thatís what they told me would happen). So I felt very relieved but Friday my stomach hurt and I threw up. I thought maybe it was the flu because the night before I walked home in the freezing rain. My brother was also very sick too. So my mother gave me some flu medicine and I felt fine the next morning. So to this day I am fine but I'm still worried. The bottom line I want to get too is can vinegar and bleach get rid of an egg?

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Dear Nakeisha,

You are the victim of REALLY BAD INFORMATION.

What you describe is incorrect. Do not drink bleach as it can cause death. And no, vinegar has no effect on pregnancy. In the future, there is something called "Emergency Contraception" that will address your need.
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