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  Me and my boyfriend had sex about 11 days ago. I have this paranoia about being pregnant. We used protection and I know we used it correctly. The condom didnít break But I am just so scared and I donít know why. My period is due in about 6 days. Iím just worried if any sperm could have gotten into me. But we were extremely careful. I think Iím just nervous cause in starting to feel pains in my stomach and nausea. what should I do. I know symptoms donít show that early.

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Dear DD,

What you are experiencing is very common! Shows you are aware of what might happen if you are not responsible for yourself!

The bad news is that because you are so worried, you will probably throw off your menstrual cycle - which means your menstrual period won't arrive on time - which will only make you more nervous!

Condoms are very effective at preventing unplanned pregnancy and most STIs. As long as you did not engage in unprotected vaginal intercourse at any time and you used the condom correctly, you have little to worry about.

The physical symptoms you are feeling are also probably from being worried. If after 4 weeks your menstrual period does not arrive, take a pregnancy test just to be sure. Often times, the negative pregnancy test relieves the female enough to finally relax and allow her cycle to function normally - and her period follows within a few days - it really is quite a phenomenon!

As far as the future, keep using condoms correctly, and if you want even more protection, you may want to consider some other outstanding contraceptives - just as a back-up!

If you would like a comprehensive education of how condoms should be used correctly, with tips and everything you need to know about condoms, contraception, STIs, sex, relationships, etc., check out the book the Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality. It has what you're looking for!
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