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  Me and my girlfriend recently had unprotected sex. We used the withdrawal method but we stopped the intercourse and I was nowhere near ejaculating. However, Iíve heard that you could get pregnant off pre-cum. Iíve also heard that pre cum DOESNT contain sperm only if ejaculation has occurred just before sexual intercourse and some sperm may still be in the males urethra and use the pre cum to enter the vagina. The question is which one should I believe?

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Dear Anon,

All of what you said is correct - we understand your confusion!

Yes, pre-lubricating fluid does contain sperm in most studies, albeit in much smaller amounts than an ejaculate of semen. The question is, can a pregnancy occur from this method - yes. Is there a high probability - no. Is it really worth the risk - logically - why risk it?

The other consideration is that of STIs. Can pre-lubricating fluid transmit HIV or other STIs - yes! Is there a high probability - yes. And as far as the male becoming infected from his partner who is infected, this is a very big YES.
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