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  My boyfriend and I are planning on playing a dirty truth or dare. We both don't believe in sex before marriage so the furthest we're going to go is touching, and at one point I believe we are going to shower together. I need to know-.is it possible if he ejaculates in the shower near or around my vaginal area, even when in the shower, .could I get pregnant? Does the penis need to enter the vagina to become pregnant?

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Dear A,

Sounds more like the two of you want physical contact and are using the guise of a "game" to rationalize it. Either way, no, there is no chance of pregnancy based on what you describe, but there is a big chance things may go further than you originally planned - which might put you at risk.

We suggest that the two of you talk about this and have some very clear limits, otherwise, make sure that you have a reliable form of contraception to protect against unplanned pregnancy and/or STIs.
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