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  I am concerned about whether or not I could become pregnant from pre-cum. I know you say it can contain sperm, but does that mean that sometimes it doesn't? I am a virgin, but I am afraid I may have gotten pre-cum either in or at least near my vagina. How high are the chances of me getting pregnant? How long must I wait before I can know whether or not I am pregnant? How effective are home pregnancy tests?

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Dear A,

Yes, a number of studies have produced different results; some showing that sperm is in pre-lubricating fluid, some showing that very little to none are in pre-lubricating fluid. Because of this, a person should always assume that there is sperm in pre-lubricating fluid and take the necessary precautions not to become pregnant (or infected with an STI!)

Although the odds are lower, the possibility exists, and this has and does happen.

Pregnancy tests these days are very accurate, although, unfortunately, sometimes very difficult to interpret clearly.
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