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  I recently lost my virginity and began engaging in intercourse 2-3 times a week with my long-term boyfriend. While he and I have never had unprotected sex and he never ejaculates inside of me, I am not on any other form of birth control. Since we began having sex, I have had two periods and I am due for the next Feb. 8. During my ovulation this month, I have experienced light spotting in my ovulation discharge. Could this be implantation spotting, or am I irritated from my new sexually active status? Could I be pregnant?

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Dear C,

You didn't mention what type of contraception you were using when you said that you never engaged in unprotected intercourse, however, the answer to all of your questions is "yes."

However, depending on the type of contraception that you did use, what you are experiencing as far as the spotting, could be related to causes unrelated to pregnancy or sex at all.

What is important is if you are concerned, you should take a pregnancy test if your menstrual period is more than a week late, and/or visit with your physician for a gynecological exam (which you should do once per year now that you are sexually active).
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