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  My girl friend had her last period at the end of November. We had unprotected sex sometime in December. I didnít ejaculate in her. She missed her period. Its supposed to come on at the end of Dec. She plays basketball. I was wondering what could make her miss her period? And I read somewhere that the withdrawal method is 80 something to about 96 percent effective so how is pre-cum able to cause pregnancy?

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Dear B,

Stress may change a female's menstrual cycle (worry can make her period late.) And yes, pre-lubricating can contain sperm, and can cause a pregnancy, although the chances are much less than if semen enters into the vagina. The question is really is it worth taking a chance and worrying about? Also, pre-lubricating fluid and not using a condom can transmit or lead to an STD infection.

And yes, while there are some estimates that the pull-out method MAY provide up to 80% effectiveness against pregnancy (0% against STDs) the way this number is derived at is among adults with perfect use.

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