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  Hey there guys, how ya doin? I have a question regarding the contraceptive pill. I have been on the pill now for almost 2 and a half months now. My boyfriend & I have been practicing safe sex for almost 2 yrs, always with a condom, but we really want to try without a condom, to see what it all feels like and experience it. In your opinion, do you think that I have been on the pill long enough to let this happen? We are going to give it another month and then do it. My b/f has no STD's either. Just wanted to get some advice from you. Thanks so much. P.S: You guys are great! :D *thumbs up*

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Dear C,

The Birth Control pill alone, offers over 99% effectiveness at preventing unplanned pregnancy. It offers no protection against STDs. So if you were to stop using a condom, but continued using the pill, you would still have excellent protection against an unplanned pregnancy, but no protection against STDs.

If you have both been tested for STDs (most people who are infected don't even know it!) and are negative, AND are monogamous (have not had sexual contact with anyone else - and remain that way) then no, you do not need to be concerned with STDs.

(And glad you like the site!!);)
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