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  Hi. I was wondering... well me and my girlfriend dry humped but I had underwear and pants on and she had underwear and her pants on. Our hands never touch ourselves and rub the other one with them back. Is that tactic first of all safe from pregnancy? Secondly is it a good way of letting some of our sexual arousals out without worrying about anything?

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Dear J,

The only time a pregnancy can occur is if pre-lubricating fluid or semen enters into the vagina. Based on what you describe, a pregnancy is not possible.

As far as a "good way" the answer is yes and no. Yes, in that the chances for pregnancy are low to non-existent, and the chances of becoming infected with an STI are low (only a few STI's like HPV, HSV, Syphillis can be transmitted by skin to skin contact and don't need fluid exchange.) No, in that this type of activity can escalate into intercourse, and unless the couple is prepared for this and has talked about contraception, the couple may be at risk of taking a chance - which can (and does) end up with consequences, and both partners later saying, "it just happened."
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