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  Okay. On January 26th, I got really wasted and pretty much got taken advantage of. It was my mistake for trusting this guy but thats besides the point. The sex was unprotected and the guy came inside like an asshole, assuming that "I was on some kind of birth control". Needless to say, that Monday I went to Planned Parenthood and got an emergency contraceptive. I took it as directed. a few days later I got my period, but it was extremely light and I only had it for about two days. It is now February 27th. I got my period again but its still really, really light. Iím a little concerned especially because Iíve been really bloated all month and have had some pretty bad abdominal pains off an on. my veins are also getting very dark around my lower abdominal region. Should I take a pregnancy test?

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Dear J,

Sorry to hear about your incident. If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs and someone had sex with you, in most states, this would legally constitute as rape and be prosecutable. We suggest that you speak with a trained counselor about what happened to help clear any emotional issues that you might be having.

As far as the pregnancy test, although what you describe is normal, it wouldn't hurt for you to take, and it might help to reassure you that everything is fine.

We are glad to hear that you knew about EC! Many people still do not.
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