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  Hi, my girlfriends period is about 5-6 days late and she says it never comes late. She is a cheerleader and has been very, very stressed out lately with school, and constant cheering. We both had underwear on and I came. Is it possible for her to be pregnant or could her period be late because of all this stress? Her underwear didnít feel wet or anything from me but Iím still very nervous. Whenever I come we usually stop or I get off of her. She also has this stress problem where she cant function when sheís very stressed out .Iím freaking out and I donít know what to think. Can you tell me if this is possible?

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Dear J,

The only time a pregnancy can occur is if pre-lubricating fluid or semen enters into the vagina. Based on what you describe, a pregnancy is not possible. And yes, stress is a common and likely cause for delayed or missed periods. However, to put her mind at ease, you may want to consider taking a pregnancy test. Finding out that she is not pregnant for sure will help put her (and your!) mind at ease and help with some of that stress.
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