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  I had sex for the first time a few days ago, my friend and I went to a party, but the problem was that I was very, very drunk. I realize this means that I created the problem for myself, but I donít remember if he was wearing a condom or not. I barely knew the guy and I completely regret what I did. So I figured, since I donít know the guy and he had sex with me just like that, he must do that to a lot of people. So, I donít know what kind of diseases he may or may not have and Iím deadly afraid that I may be pregnant. So I was wondering, when is the earliest time that you would begin seeing signs or that you could take a home pregnancy test. I know that most of the tests say sometime after you miss your period, but what if you are due for your period like 5 days after you had sex? Please help, I canít get it off my mind!!

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Dear K,

The Morning After pill is an option within 4 days after the unprotected intercourse.

Otherwise, a pregnancy test is usually reliable about 2 weeks after the unprotected intercourse/after a missed period.

And you should know that what you describe constitutes rape. When a female is drunk/high/unconscious/impaired and someone engages in sex with them, legally this is a form of rape.

And yes, you may want to look into a panel of STI tests, just to be safe.

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