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  Me and this guy messed around 2 nights ago he fingered me then he got really horny and wanted to have sex without a condom I turned him down but was afraid that he would rape me so I gave him a hand job then he was about to cum so he said he would finish it himself and 15 minutes later he fingered me. I was wondering, can I get pregnant from this!?!??! I am really worried please answer me as soon as possible!! Oh and also during that 15 minutes he has touched many things, like his clothes since we were just laying down...so I mean the cum is pretty much dried, but I am still worried!!!!!!! Please answer me thank you so much for your time!! Oh and also please reply it by email!!! Thank you.

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Dear K,

The only time a pregnancy can occur is if pre-lubricating fluid or semen enters into the vagina. Based on what you describe, a pregnancy is not possible.

But of equal importance: We believe that people have an extra sense to detect when something is wrong. You felt in danger for a reason and should trust that feeling. You might be better off with someone who doesn't pressure you into things you are not ready for nor want, and someone who you do not have to fear.
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