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  On the first of this month, my boyfriend and I both had sex for the first time. We used a condom and he pulled out, and because I am totally paranoid I also got Emergency Contraceptive Pills. I got my period on the 10th of February, but it was only two days long. I was not concerned because I know ECP's tend to make a period different in some way. Since that was so stressful, we have not had sex all month, but there have been a couple times I was concerned that pre-cum might have touched the entrance to my vagina. That has not happened since around the 15th of February. Now I have literally every symptom of pregnancy: I am dizzy and nauseous, I have had strange sensations in my abdomen and a pain in my right side, I am constipated, I feel bloated, my back hurts, and I am extremely fatigued, moody and weepy. I can blame all these symptoms on other things, but what bothers me most is that I have had brownish spotting for the past two days. I have a history of strange and irregular periods, but they have been regular for the past three months or so. Is there any chance that this is caused by the ECP's, or could it be implantation spotting? I absolutely don't know what I will do if I am pregnant because I am supposed to graduate in three months and leave for college, where I have a scholarship to my first choice school, in five! My ultra conservative parents are going to die, and overall everything is just very bad.

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Dear L,

No, based on what you describe, the chances of pregnancy are next to impossible. What you are feeling is most likely brought on by the stress and anxiety that you are feeling. Rest assured, what you describe is normal, but if you need further assurance, you can always visit with your gynecologist (which is recommended for young women your age, regardless of whether they are sexually active or not!).

And congratulations on all of your hard work paying off!!!!

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