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  Me & my girl just had sex - guess what, we didn't use a condom (long story.) I'm worried that she might be pregnant but hereís my story - we played around for a bit. I know about the "pre-ejaculating" fluid that comes before ejaculation so I stayed "far" away from the vagina. She gave me oral sex and I came (stayed far away from the vagina) them we played around a bit more until I came again (stayed far away from the vagina) then letís say after about 10-15 minutes passed then we had sex (without a condom) I didn't/couldn't cum again but I was hard (kind-of). Is it possible that there may have been more sperm left over to get her pregnant? (Please give me a percentage rating of possible pregnancy) Please Iím worried sick!

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Dear Dexter,

As you already know, ANYtime sperm enter into the vagina, a pregnancy can occur. The fact that you did not ejaculate or did not feel any pre-lubricating fluid (pre-lubricating fluid usually comes out without the male feeling it) does not mean that some pre-lubricating fluid did not enter into the vagina.

You also put yourself at risk for STIs as well.

We would love to give you a percentage at the odds of a possible pregnancy, but we can't - except to say that based on what you describe, the chances are low - but possible.

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