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  I guess I have a few questions to ask you...first, I took a pregnancy test a while ago, First Response, but it was a week after I had unprotected sex, the results were positive. So my first question would be if that is possible because only a week went by and the second line wasn't the same shade as the first line, it was a little lighter. My second question is completely out of curiosity because Iím pretty unhealthy so I was wondering what are some of the possible causes for a girl to have a miscarriage, and what happens when you do, and how would you know??? Please get back to me soon!! Sorry I had so many questions...but thank you! :)

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Dear M,

Although the home pregnancy tests are fairly reliable and accurate, they still need tremendous work as far as making them easier to interpret - i.e. lines, shades, there-not there? We suggest re-reading the package insert information. Many of the pregnancy tests we have come across state that even if there is the shade of a second line, the test is positive (pregnancy has occurred).

As far as miscarriages, often times in the first trimester, there is little rhyme or reason as to what will cause a miscarriage (that we know of) except nature's way of saying, "this one isn't going to work." In the second trimester, physical accidents, ingesting drugs or harmful medications can be likely reasons for miscarriage.

Signs of a miscarriage vary depending on when it occurs, but the signs are generally bleeding (like a period) severe, sharp cramps, tissue expulsion (little bits of skin-like material coming out with what looks like menstrual blood). We should also mention, that a female who is pregnant can also have slight menstrual bleeding while she is pregnant, and not have this be a sign of miscarriage.

We suggest, especially since you tested positive, that you visit your physician/clinic for another pregnancy test confirmation, and you should also receive information about prenatal care, options, and if you ask, information about miscarriages.
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