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  What's the percentage "effectiveness" for the pull-out method? I noticed a lot of question's about it. What about the calendar method? What is the percentage if he pulls out during the times you can get pregnant and cums in you when it's less possible (around the time of your period)?

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Dear S,

According to the Contraceptive Technology, the "pull-out" method probably results in about a 20% chance of pregnancy, but there are many variables that contribute to this number. The bottom line is that the couple are taking a chance - and the consequences may be very serious and life altering.

The calendar method, again, probably a bit safer for older women who have regular cycles, but still more risky as a female can ovulate unexpectedly at any time during her cycle, especially young females.

And yes, the pull-out method around the time of menstruation has less of a chance of pregnancy, but a possibility still remains.

One other aspect you may not have considered is that none of these methods provide ANY protection against STDs.
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