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  My girlfriend and I were having sex and the condom broke (May 07). As soon as I felt it snap, we stopped and I pulled out (it was before ejaculation). We understood that Pre-cum can cause pregnancy, and we decided that we had to do something. We found out where we could get emergency contraception. The clinic, however, wasn't open until the next day. Exactly 28 hours later, my girlfriend took the emergency contraceptive pills (8 pills of Lo/Ovrall to be exact--the date was May 8). She scheduled the second dose correctly (12 hours later). She was immediately affected by the pills and had the side effects of nausea, fatigue, and cramping. In the next week, she experienced spotting that at times was almost as heavy as her regular period. All of these symptoms were forewarned by the clinician. The date now is obviously the 29; it has been three weeks. Usually, her period comes any time between the 20th and the 30th. It has not come yet. I would like some general info on about anything concerning our situation, but more than anything I would like to know what the chances are for my girlfriend to become pregnant even after using the emergency contraception. Should I be stressing out over our welfare considering what we did to prevent an unwanted pregnancy? *just as a side note-- ironically that sexual episode was the first time for both of us. Can we always depend on our condoms to break? Can she get Birth Control if she is 17? *I sincerely appreciate the service you offer. Thank you for looking out for young adults like her and me. Without people like you, I wouldn't even have known what to have done in a situation like ours, much less have someone to talk to.

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Dear S,

Based on what you describe, the chances are very slim - practically zero, and we suggest that you take a sigh of relief and appreciate how knowledge has helped you (and your partner).

The Emergency Contraception will likely throw off her cycle and should have been explained to you.

You did everything right from choosing a reliable form of contraception (though not always foolproof!) to seeking assistance when you needed it. Super!

We can only hope that you do not let this episode make you paranoid about and future relations you may have, including the use of condoms.

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