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  My girlfriend and I had sex on the second day of her period. She has regular periods every 27-30 days and her periods last 6-7 days in length. I have read a lot of the past questions and I'm not asking if she can get pregnant, because I know there is a chance. I have been reading a lot of information and have found that a girl ovulated approximately 14 days before their period. The egg lives for 1 day, and then dies coming out as the period w/ the nutrients and such made for preparation of a baby. By my calculations my girlfriend should not have started ovulation again within the time that the sperm was alive inside her body. It is now a week later and I plan on her getting a pregnancy test 2 days after she should have a period, if she misses her period. I just want to know if what I have said is accurate, and if so what approximately are my odds for her to actually be pregnant. I love my girlfriend dearly and plan on marrying her after college, but now realize how big of a mistake I could have made. Any reassurance or information would be helpful. Thank you.

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Dear T,

Well done! You have done your homework!

You didn't mention whether or not a contraceptive was used when you had sex, so we will assume not.

Yes, what you wrote is correct, but with only one snag - what you describe is a textbook menstrual cycle. Females, especially young females may ovulate anytime during their cycle, and not on the 14th day, although that is the norm for females who have regular cycles.

And other than the STI possibilities, everything else that you stated was accurate.

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