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  Hi My name is Amy, I am 27 and I'm a grad student from NY. I have a question that I am hoping you can help me answer. My boyfriend was wearing a condom and stuck his penis into my anus (he did not go in fully). He ejaculated but then as he pulled out all of the contents in the condom spilled on me, meaning into my anus area and possibly to my vagina. I am not on birth control. 90 hours later I took Plan B. I am a week late with my period and am wondering what are the chances of me being pregnant. I am still officially a virgin. Thank you for helping me, I am quite worried about this.

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Dear M,

The chances of pregnancy (based on what you describe) are theoretically possible, however, realistically highly unlikely - we would suggest that you relax. However, if you need further confirmation, then a pregnancy test should do the trick.

As far as virginity, well, there are many different definitions of the term, and if yours doesn't include anal sex, then yes, you are certainly still a virgin.

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