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  Me and my boyfriend and I are totally serious, and we have been talking about having sex. We are both very concerned about pregnancy, so we have to be as safe as possible. Do you now if in AZ, I could get birth control, and about how much would it cost? Also, what is the proper way to use a condom, because we would use both. Does birth control kick in right away, or do you have to wait a while for it to be effective? I know 15 is pretty young, but I am going to be with this guy forever, so I don’t see the harm in starting now, if we are properly protected. Thank you so much for all your help!

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Dear C,

Glad to hear that you are thinking things through!

There are a number of highly effective and reliable contraceptive methods. Check the YE site for a listing, or for a comprehensive listing with effectiveness rates, methods of use, cost, etc. - check the resource listed below. UGTS also has a very in depth instruction list on how to use condoms (and other methods as well).

And no, if you go to a Planned Parenthood, you should be able to obtain most contraceptives without any problem (except cost) and without your parent being notified. You should be able to obtain condoms pharmacies or health departments/clinics.

As far as “the harm in starting now,” and “being with this guy forever,” well, more than we can comment here, so we suggest that you read through the PAST QUESTIONS sections for more things to consider.
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* For more information, check out UGTS for everything you need to know, or try some of the website links listed    under resources.

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