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  I'm 16-years-old and the other night I was with my boyfriend, and as you know, hormones rage....and he ended up inside me for about 10 seconds (unprotected) until I flipped out realizing what I had just done. Neither of us have had sex before and were planning on waiting until we were married. I'm not sure whether or not I'm a virgin anymore. He was 'in me' for about 10 seconds, and yes he did "cum" but right away I told him we made a huge mistake and I was scared to death of becoming pregnant. I rushed home and got in the shower...trying to rinse my lower region as thoroughly as possible but I donít know if that did any good at all. This was about a week ago so I know emergency contraception is too late. My parents and friends would NOT understand, so I cant tell them. I'm soo scared, not only because I have ignored my morals, but because I might be pregnant. I'm smarter than what I did. Do you have any words of advice?

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Dear M,

EVERYONE makes mistakes. The best you can do is learn from them and not repeat them.

As you know, a pregnancy and/or STD is possible (you can never be sure about a person's sexual history) so we suggest taking a pregnancy test if your menstrual period is late, as well as a visit to the clinic for a check up, just in case. (And no, rinsing wouldn't help prevent pregnancy.)

As far as virginity, by most people's definitions, what occurred would constitute as sex, and neither of you would be considered "virgins" anymore. We understand your frustration with yourself, but try not to let terminology bring you down.
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