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  Hello, Here's the story: For the past two days my boyfriend and I have taken a shower together. We stand far apart and DO NOT touch each other with our lower bodies together at all, but sometimes I would put my hand on his penis and I noticed that he had pre-cum. I've always wiped it away with my hand and then wash my hand with the water, (still staying far away from my vagina.) So all in all here I'm trying to say that his penis has only brushed my hip these past two days and has not touched my vagina at all. These have been the "big" events that have happened. Here are some smaller ones that concern me: Yesterday, after we got out of the shower we were just in our robes and he got on top of me just for a second, but the whole time we had our robes on and did not take them off. Later, I was "getting him off" and he came, but I had my underwear on and it did not get on them, but it was near my underwear. Today, after we got out of the shower I was just playing with his penis and I noticed he had some kind of cum on him, it looked like it was a little ball, it kind of looked like female discharge, but I'm not sure what is was. He touched it and about 30 minutes later his hand was dry and he fingered me with the same hand that the cum it. I'm just wondering is there a high chance that I could be pregnant? Please help! I'm freaking out! Sincerely, V PS. Since my boyfriend and I have been worrying about this, we have already made arrangements to go to Planned Parenthood and he will be getting condoms as well, just in case; we don't want to freak out every time this happens.

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Dear V,

Based on what you describe, the chances of pregnancy are pretty much 0%.

But it does seem as though intercourse is in your future plans, and your decision to get and use reliable contraception is very smart.
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