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  Hello Youth Embassy, I don't know if I have contacted the right place but my boyfriend and I have had sex a few times and I don't know how to handle it. I am paranoid about getting pregnant and about using the pill because the pill can potentially create the risk of not being able to get pregnant later in life. This has caused me great distress and whenever something is wrong with my body, I think I'm pregnant! He uses a spermicidal Trojan condom, but I always feel like that won't kill all the sperm. Does it? Anyways, I would really appreciate an answer if you have one for me. Thanks. -A 16 year old girl

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Dear 16,

Unfortunately, you are the victim of some bad information BC pill and other hormonal methods are completely reversible and have never inhibited anyone from becoming pregnant later in life. However, there are many sexually transmitted diseases that will prevent pregnancy later in life so those are especially important to know about and protect against.

Based on what you describe, it sounds like holding off on any additional intercourse may be best for you. We suggest doing some reading about contraception, relationships, and other sexuality issues.

And as far as using a condom, when used correctly offers excellent protection against unplanned pregnancy and many STDS.
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