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  Ok hereís the deal. Me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 2 in a half years now. And we have stayed virgins until about a month ago. We are both 18 years old and love each other very much. We both decided to have sex. My girlfriend was always sooooo nervous about doing it because she always thought she was being immoral about sex before marriage and the whole idea of just having sex. But she decided to do it, even though she was nervous about it. Well I used a Trojan spermicide condom and only had sex with her for not even a minute and I DID NOT come. This was on the last day of her period. So there was a little blood. For the next whole month our intimate time together was a bit awkward because my girlfriend was so nervous that I was going to keep asking her to have sex and she was really paranoid about it when we started to get intimate. She kept saying "Oh jeez Iím pregnant and I donít want to have sex again. Iím too nervous" and it seemed like she was working herself up over it. She was overwhelmed with the idea of having sex and seemed bothered by it. Anyway we were intimate one night and decided to have sex again for the 2nd and last time. We had sex and her period was already late at this point by a day or two and I again wore a spermicide condom, did come, but pulled out with the condom on first before I did. My girlfriend was supposed to get her period on the 23rd and its now the 7th of the next month and she hasnít gotten it yet. Iím very worried about the situation and donít know what to do. My girlfriend says she is too nervous to take a pregnancy test and freaks out when we talk about it. I mean there doesnít seem to be anyway she can be pregnant right? My story is exactly the way Iím telling it and I wore a spermicide condom both times and didnít even come the first time. It seems almost impossible that sheís pregnant but I want to know what could be causing her period to be so late. Is it because she was so nervous the whole month or what? Please tell me what to do!

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Dear ZF,

Based on what you describe, the chances of a pregnancy are slim to none. Yes, her delayed period may be brought on by her being so worried.

It also sounds as though she is not ready for sex. Physically she may be, emotionally she may want to, but she isnít psychologically ready. So we would suggest, until the time when she is able to manage what is happening between the ears, we suggest postponing what is happening between the sheets.
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