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  Hi. I am a 19 year old male and my girlfriend is 16. She is very mature. Her parents are fine with us dating and we have been together for 10 months. Last month we were quite intense. She asked me for oral sex and I obliged. We never intended to go this far so contraceptives were never really a question. At one point we were both naked, my penis touched her vagina. It was not inserted, and then we stopped. I heard about pregnancy via pre-cum, and to be safe we went to the hospital and got EC. She was nauseous, but this was normal as we were told. She had her period a few days early, and it only lasted three days. She was quite active at the time, doing rock climbing, so this could explain it. About a week and a half later, she spotted once. She said that this has never happened before, and I'm taking it that it has got something to do with the EC pill. Am I right? If she has a normal period this month are we in the clear? Could she be pregnant at the moment? We have made provisions with condoms, but will only use them in an emergency, we plan not to put ourselves in a position were sex is possible. We both feel abstinence until we are married is the way to go.

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Dear DP,

Based only on what you said (assuming it is accurate) the chances of pregnancy were realistically impossible.

The EC would cause the spotting.

And you are an excellent example of why all young people need information about sexuality, even if they donít intend to engage in sexual intercourse. We suggest that you learn about these issues, including contraception, if and when you ever do engage in intercourse.
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